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Did you ever pause in your stride, or as you celebrate your birthday with friends, a thought struck you of the approaching big Five-Oh, and all the banter around you changes? The conversation with people is about your age, and how it is the beginning of the end of your life. “Youth” is a buzzword these days and you feel that it is gone out of your vocabulary and life, so much so that aging, a normal and unavoidable part of life, becomes something that you begin to dread. Yet It is normal for every woman who enters the phase of life in the 50s to feel panicky and helpless to the wheel of time. We all will go through...

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Life is too short not to pamper yourself with treats along the way. After all, you work hard, so why not celebrate each successful accomplishments every now and then? Whether you’ve achieved a long-term goal or simply the most productive day ever on your to-do list, you are worth it and that you deserve it. Many people will spend most of their lives working to make money for them and their families.Or they will be spending time raising the children and working just to pay the bills. With so much going on at this time in your life, you can find that there’s too little time to do the things you want to do. That’s why it is time and...

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What is Chakra? Is it something to do with religion belief or practice? This questions have puzzled many people, and some even smocks at it as superstitious and rubbish thought! Let’s dive into Chakra and demystify and understand more about it now. Chakra refers to ‘wheel’ or ‘circle’ in Sanksrit language — an Indo-Aryan or Indic language of the ancient Indian subcontinent with a 3,500 year history. It tells of the individual circular spinning wheels of energy located throughout the body. The Chakra System is a complex network of energy channels connecting these wheels and is mapped throughout the whole body, much like a spiritual nervous system. There are seven chakras in the body – each is responsible for the...

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